Esther the Wonder Pig

  • This is an acrylic painting of a lucky pig, Esther the Wonder Pig. She was taken in by a couple under the assumption that she was a micro-pig. Little did they know they would be housing a normal (huge!) pig. As time went by her care-takers couldn’t stand the thought of eating her kind as they could see how curious, intelligent, and playful she was. Pigs are not greedy, dirty, cannibals. All they need is some love, like us, and they thrive and can inspire us to enjoy life with curiosity and openess! All pigs should be as ”lucky” or better said, respected, as the wonderful creatures they are. This painting reflects her apparent smile and twinkle in her eye. I don’t wish to be anthropocentric, but her care-takers say that this expression reflects her state of peaceful bliss, like relaxing on the sofa or getting a belly rub. Here’s to you Esther and those of your kind.

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