Commissioned Birthday Gift

  • This was my first pastel order from someone I didn’t know. It was a surprise birthday gift for the guy’s girlfriend. They both picked it up together and seemed really happy about it! It is always challenging to draw someone you have never seen in person from just a picture or two, but I think this worked out quite well.

  • 2 thoughts on “Commissioned Birthday Gift

    1. Bravo! Once again, a great success! When I do a piece for someone from a photo I make sure and tell them that my work will be just that–a piece based on their photo. In many ways, much more difficult than from life. I’m not surprised the couple liked your work—it’s marvelous!

    2. Thank you, I updated the photo as the other one was a bit bland. The colors weren’t really coming through very well. Yeah, it is actually tougher than live. Especially when I have never met someone. That is the value of several reference photos in such a situation!

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