Sofus (AKA: The Lion King)

  • This little guy has got my dedicated affection. He may look cute, but he has a lot of spunk and personality for his size. This is from a reference photo that my girlfriend took of him while he was gazing up at her with his soulful eyes. I am not sure that I have done him justice, but I am fairly pleased considering that I haven’t ever made a dog portrait before and rarely work with pastels.

  • 4 thoughts on “Sofus (AKA: The Lion King)

    1. Tres bien fait! This pup is full of personality and the background really makes this pup pop 🙂 There’s a significant market for pet portraits, if you’re ever wanting to go freelance.

      • Merci beaucoup! I really enjoy the pastels, but I’ll have to improve my technique a bit. I did think about pet portraits while making this piece today. Maybe I should advertise myself for that once I have my technique down a bit.

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