A lovely couple

  • This is one of my most recent caricatures done of two of my best friends, a newly wedded couple who seem to be mesmerized by each other even after being together for several years.

    It was quite a challenge as I was under a deadline and had only a blurry picture as a reference for the man. The reference picture was not exactly how I had pictured his expression either, so I had to do use my recollections of his expressions and my own imagination a little more than I had wanted to.

    The setting reflects their love for nature and is meant to have a somewhat blurred feel so as to not detract from their faces.

    Medium: Colored pencils

  • 2 thoughts on “A lovely couple

      • Hey there,

        Thank you very much! I appreciate the kind words. If I can make a beautiful caricature, then I’ve accomplished my goal. Thank you for stopping by. I hope to create more once I have a bit more time.

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